Easy Pix My Studio Kit

Easy Pix My Studio Kit

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    The MyStudio Studio Kit is the complete setup for photographers, and content creators who's seeking to create fun and creative videos directly from their smart device. Simply get everything setup, start filming and add your background or even grab images from your gallery to be your background.


    MyStudio is a complete home video studio in a box.With MyStudio, fun and creative videos are a few simple steps away.

    Simply film yourself in front of the green screen and add your favourite background from one the various apps available. You are also free to use any picture or film from your private gallery to function as your background.

    Ideal for vloggers, Live Streaming, YouTube etc.

    Whats in the box

    • 1x 15cm LED Ring Light
    • 1x 120cm Adjustable Tripod Stand
    • 1x Phone Mount Holder
    • 1x Ball Head
    • 1x Green Screen with Clamps
    • 1x Clip-on Microphone with USB 3 and iPhone Lightning connectors